Friday, 15 November 2013

After Action Report - (S)Entries - Part Four

Hi again,

this last weekend, SUN 10 NOV 13 we had Joseph, Leslie and Omar and we finished up the (slightly modified) introductory adventure from Night's Black Agents - "(S)entries". Despite the minor changes from the rulebook I will still refer to people, events and places from the original story and so, for the final time...


SUN, 28 JUL 2013
02:27 (GMT+1)
We join the team outside Ljobovija Hospital north of Srebrenica with the noise of sirens closing in. Angeline, Evelyn and Luc clamber in the Jeep and leave the parking area, heading towards where Ron has been setting up a safe house. On the way the three discuss what they just saw and what evidence they could gather from the hospital when things calm down a little.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
03:03 (GMT+1)
Back at the safehouse Angeline begins to start working on the clues they have gathered so far – starting with the money trail. She must track the funds back to their origin, requiring three Digital Intrusion rolls. Evelyn boosts Angeline's pool using her knowledge of private banking (Accounting) via Tactical Fact-Finding. Angeline makes the rolls successfully and tracks the funds from a Koernersbank branch on Vienna through a shell corporation in London and back to a dummy corporation based on the Isle of Mann.

Evelyn spends her last Accounting point to track the funds to a bank account in the name Verica Sanja Zoric. Angeline uses Research to search for public records on Zoric. She is linked to a few small businesses but has no educational records showing a background in business or anything similar. It is possible that the businesses are used for money laundering. Evelyn uses her Digital Intrusion and discovers that Zoric is an adult film actress named Samantha B.

Ron gets in touch with a hacker he knows back in London who goes by the name Ibis. Ron gives her remote access to the Lennart Dossier and asks for help in finding out more about Zoric and the money. Ibis uses Digital Intrusion and finds two residential addresses under Zoric's name. One is in Sarajevo and the other is in Odessa. The properties have approximate values of €250-300k and were bought with cash. Ibis establishes that Zoric's income is around €60-70k p/a and therefore it's highly unlikely that her finances are sufficient to purchase these.

Ibis looks into CCTV camera networks in Odessa and Sarajevo, and sets up facial recognition software for Zoric. Ibis reports this back to Ron, advising she will further look into the smuggling angle and try to identify who the mystery “Vincent” is on the shipping orders from the Lennart Dossier. Ron pushes this as the main focus of her investigation with the rest being supernatural mumbo jumbo.

Ron also takes the opportunity to ask a favour of another old contact, Gyasi. Ron still has a low level of confidence in the team's capabilities and wants the backup of someone he can trust. The two had worked together as part of a hostage rescue during in Afghanistan back in 2007 and Ron knew that he could rely on him. Already in Bosnia, Gyasi lets Ron know he can meet them tomorrow at Dveri, a small restaurant on Prote Bakovic in Sarajevo.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
03:26 (GMT+1)
Ron is outside, finishing up the call whilst the Angeline, Evelyn and Ron look further into the Lennart Dossier. As he finishes up speaking with Gyasi he spies a black Lincoln Navigator moving slowly down the street as if searching for something.

Or someone.

It's after 3am and this feels very wrong (Sense Trouble). Ron makes a move towards the Jeep, calling Luc on speed-dial and warning him as he reaches the driver's side. The disassembled Zastava M70 is still in the roof lining so Ron decides he will head around the block and quickly assemble it, meeting the others on the other side of the block. Luc remains on the phone and tells Angeline and Evelyn to pack up quickly and make their way out of the back and over the fence. Ron hits the lights and pulls out from between the parked cars outside of the safehouse and hears the Navigator surge forwards, engine growling.

Ron shouts “Contact!” as the the Navigator accelerates but then it crash-brakes outside the safehouse and the doors open allowing four men armed with custom AK Carbines to decamp. One pair covers the other, as they approach the front of the property. Luc is busy pushing Angela and Evelyn out the rear whilst simultaneously screwing the suppressor onto the extended barrel of his 9mm. As they make their way over to the rear fencing they hear the armed men kicking in doors and shouting “Jasno!” (“Clear” in Serbian) as they sweep through the house.

Whilst Ron speeds around the corner to the opposite block, the other three move into the house that connects to the rear. Angela and Evelyn run through the alleyway whilst Luc takes up a position on the corner of the south-east side. Luc hears a pair of men moving towards the fence and a harshly whispered “Ići” (“Go” in Serbian). A man scrabbles over the fence and drops to the other side and he turns to assist his friend as he now clambers over. Luc hears the Navigator accelerate away southwards, it sounds as though the vehicle is following Ron's route.

Ron pulls up in the Jeep as Angeline and Evelyn reach the pavement. He exits immediately, drawing his suppressed pistol and moving up around the north-east side of the house to flank whilst indicating to the ladies to get in the car and get moving. As all this is happening Luc draws a bead on the first man who had crossed the fence. He is currently holding both carbines and trying to assist his partner. The two subsonic hollowpoints that Luc double taps into the back of his head (Shooting spend) hinder this attempt and he collapses on top of the carbines.

Angeline climbs into the driver's seat and Evelyn into the back. Evelyn yanks the ceiling liner away and starts hurriedly re-assembling and loading the M-70. Angeline sees the lights of the Navigator approaching the road in the rear view mirror to the south. She pulls away quickly and they head north, back around the block again (known henceforth as “The Scooby Doo Manouevre”).

Luc approaches the remaining gunman pointing his handgun directly at the goon's chest.

Ako se krećete ću te ubit” (“Move and I will kill you”) growls Luc.

The gunman remains in place and slowly raises his arms in surrender. Ron peeks over the fence and, seeing nothing climbs over. Luc indicates that the prisoner should make his way back the way he came. The disarmed gunman Scooby-Doos back over the fence and is met by a gruff looking Ron. Luc swipes both carbines from under the corpse. He effortlessly scales the fence and hands over a carbine to Ron. Ron makes his way back past the safehouse via the southern alley, checking for Angeline and Evelyn approaching in the Jeep.

On seeing the familiar headlights of the Jeep, Ron applies a rear naked choke (Hand to Hand spend) and quickly puts the gunman out. He and Luc drag the unconcious guard to the trunk of the Jeep and push him in before Luc climbs in the back. Ron motions Angeline out of the driving seat and guns the engine as the Navigator skids around the corner and approaches fast from the North. Luc and Evelyn raise their rifles as the bad guys begin firing out of the window.

Evelyn opens fire at the radiator and engine, near deafening the Jeep's occupants as she empties an entire magazine into the Navigator. Luc fires a short aimed burst at the windscreen (Shooting spend), hitting the driver and killing him instantly. The driver slumps into the steering wheel, his foot jamming the accelerator and the vehicle ploughs into a parked car before flipping over and landing on the roof.

The gunman carries ID naming him as Boža Knezevic. He carries a cell phone, two spare magazines for the AK carbine in a belt pouch and a small Spyderco locking knife. As the team get some distance from the crash they brainstorm about how they could have been found. The only time a third party has had access to their gear is at the point of supply: Nikolic. Whilst Angeline starts doing a tear down of the surveillance gear, Luc zip-ties and gags Knezevic.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
04:51 (GMT+1)
Angeline finally finds a GPS transceiver in the gear and the team decide to attach it to a long distance truck heading elsewhere. They stop off at a small hotel on the way to the border to get some rest at last. Angeline uses Diagnose and Pharmacy to sedate Knezevic safely. The team rest as best as they can and make the drive to Sarajevo in the morning, arriving around 11am.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
11:07 (GMT+1)
Ron sets up a new safehouse at an abandoned farmhouse several miles outside of Sarajevo. It has a cellar for the interrogation and plenty of open ground surrounding it to make defence a little easier. Ron zip-ties Knezevic to the pipes in the cellar before preparing the ground upstairs. The team heads off into town to meet up with Gyasi.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
12:22 (GMT+1)
On first impressions he is a big guy, built like a rugby player, clean-shaven and dressed similarly to the locals around him. Ron gives him the breakdown of last night's shootout, the basics of the job and otherwise brings him up to speed, including their prisoner. Gyasi offers Ron a ride and the team return to the farmhouse in convoy, Ron having used the time to discuss the arms smuggling and his reservations about the others in the team.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
13:12 (GMT+1)
Back at the farmhouse Knezevic is awake and belligerent. Ron and Gyasi want to take the lead with the interrogation and Luc also declares his interest and wish to be present. Before they head down to the cellar the team make sure they have as much information as possible. Evelyn and Angeline examine Knezevic's cellphone for information: “Verica” is one name in the listings and a recently called number has the name “Danilo” next to it.

Ron calls Ibis again, asking if she can find out who Danilo might be, or anything about Zoric with the additional information about their phone numbers. Ibis starts searching around the data stack she had gathered about Zoric earlier (Research spend) and discovers that Danilo is Danilo Brigovich, a mid-level Nasa Stvar gangster. Brigovich is listed as a producer in some of Zoric's adult films and according to some of the emails Ibis uncovers, also has a romantic relationship with her. Brigovich is currently staying at the Odessa home address listed under Zoric's name. With some more digging Ibis turns up some information about Knezevic – he has a record for attempted murder, assault, extortion and is a known Nasa Stvar associate.

Ibis shares her information with Ron who heads down to the cellar with Gyasi. Luc asks if Ron has developed any more info but is brushed off by Ron. Gyasi and Luc hang back whilst Ron approaches Knezevic, zip-tied to the pipes. As Ron gets close, Knezevic spits into his face and threatens him.

Jebeni kurvin sin! pusti me, ili ću iseći ti glavu!

Ron chuckles menacingly as he wipes the spittle from his face. He explains the situation to Knezevic carefully, that they are in the middle of nowhere and that nobody will be coming to rescue him. Knezevic asks for a lawyer and Luc, Ron and Gyasi share a look of bemusement before breaking out in laughter. For the first time, Knezevic looks a little less sure of himself.

Gyasi walks around behind Knezevic, out of sight but close enough that his presence is obvious. Knezevic begins talking, explaining that he is one of the Zemun Clan of the Nasa Stvar out of Belgrade. Danilo contacted them and told them how to track the team. Danilo asked that they kill everyone, take whatever equipment they could find and return to him with it.

They have worked with Brigovich for nearly a decade, he is their boss, a mid-tier boss in the Zemun Clan and pays them for various jobs; driving, intimidation, “disappearing” people. He has worked across Europe, the Balkans, Russia and France smuggling women and children into the sex trade. He worked distributing cocaine through Spain and in Norway (they have ties to the Norwegian chapter of the Hell's Angels). He knows Vladek from many years ago, they worked together previously. Gyasi watches his body language closely, trying to get a read on Knezevic (BS Detector). It appears that he is telling the truth but may be holding something back.

Ron switches to “enhanced interrogation” (Intimidation and Interrogation spends) and Knezevic starts babbling – he says he doesn't know why Rudek was killed as he had always been a stand up guy and dealt with them honestly. He then starts talking about weapon shipments moving through Odessa that he ran security on. The weapons came from all over the globe and were sold on to other parties.
The Zemun Clan helped to sell them but didn't provide the weapons in the first instance. These weapons came from various sources and they merely acted as middle-men and security.

Knezevic talks about the Russians they had worked with, many of whom had prison tattoos. Danilo was the money man for the last arms deal and is also close to Dedopovic. It was he who called in someone from out of town to extract Dedopovic, someone who couldn't be tracked, couldn't be traced and couldn't be stopped.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
15:19 (GMT+1)
After several hours of conversation the team have extracted all the information they are likely to get. They decide to release him into the wild and see who picks him up. Angeline plants a tracking device in the heel of his shoe and an audio bug on his collar as well as a hacked app that will allow full remote access to his smartphone. Gyasi mixes up sodium thiopental and some mild hallucinogenics (Pharmacy) and mixes this with the food and water they leave Knezevic. Once he starts reacting to the drugs, the team weave a fantastic escape story in his ears as they drive him to the outskirts of Sarajevo.

SUN, 28 JUL 2013
17:37 (GMT+1)
They let him out of the Jeep and then set up a floating box surveillance grid around him (Ron in the Jeep and the others disguised and on foot). After coming around from the drugs, Knezevic slowly wanders, trying to piece together the events he is recalling and wondering at his amazing escape. He reaches for his phone and dials a number listed as Janko Kovač. He relates the tale of his escape and asks to meet up. Kovač says “Be at the bar in an hour” and Knezevic hustles. Gyasi knows which bar it is (Streetwise) and the team decide to make their way directly to see what happens when they start tugging on the thread.


Angeline, Evelyn, Luc and Ron are awarded 8 points. Gyasi and Ibis 4 points.

Thanks for joining us once more.