Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Three Dead and One Wounded In Graveyard Shootout

Newspaper article taken from "Dnevnik", Saturday July 27 2013

(translated from the original)

Shocking violence came to the quiet town of Gostilj from out of nowhere on Thursday night. Officers of the Counter Organised-Crime Service are investigating the aftermath of a shooting just outside of Gostilj, 4km North of Srebenica which left three dead and one man badly wounded. The dead have been named as Vladek Ivanović, Božidar Stankic and Igor Davidovic. The wounded man, whose identity has been withheld, has been taken to a local hospital for surgery and for questioning by the authorities.

In what appears to be a criminal deal gone bad the men were attacked with rifle fire and hand grenades. Police found several weapons and vehicle tracks at the scene and are questioning locals for further information regarding the incident. One of the dead men, Vladek Ivanović has previously been sought after for war crimes against Bosnian Muslims. His reappearance and death has been cause for concern as there is no record of his entering the country.

The other two dead men have been connected with the Serbian Mafia as known human traffickers and were confirmed as being known to the police for previous violent criminal acts. It is feared that other members of the Nasa Stvar will seek out their own justice from those who escaped the scene late Thursday night and the authorities have asked for those who have information about the events contact their local police service to provide this to assist with the investigation.

Excerpt of Internal Police Report - Dated Friday 26 JUL 13

(translated from the original)

...of the three dead men we have made successful identifications.

Male - 46 - Identified as Bozidar Stankic. Suspect in numerous open investigations including assault, murder and witness intimidation.
Male - 52 - Identified as Igor Davidovic. Suspect in numerous open investigations including murder, human trafficking, smuggling and witness intimidation.
Male - 41 - Identified as Vladek Ivanovic. Suspect in numerous open investigations including murder, human trafficking, smuggling and witness intimidation. Sought by EU investigators for war crimes during 1991-1992.

Severely wounded in the attack

Male - 57 - Identified as Anton Dedopovic. Associated with Nasa Stvar. Suspect in numerous open investigations including murder, rape, human trafficking, smuggling and witness intimidation. Currently under protection at [LOCATION REDACTED] suffering from major damage to left forearm and hand, 2nd degree burns and considerable blunt trauma injury sustained by severe impact. To be held for questioning on recovery from injuries.

Amongst the preliminary findings we can see that a total of five different vehicles had transited the location in the past few days. The mild weather has preserved the tracks reasonably well. One rental car (Silver Opel Insignia) was found in the centre of the graveyard. Investigation of the rental records indicate false papers were used to rent this vehicle but the forensic team will nonetheless search the vehicle for any useful trace evidence.

The Black Nissan Patrol was registered to Igor Davidovic and contained drug residue (methampthetamine), unregistered weapons and ammunition and  €7,000 in cash.

The Dark Blue BMW 540i was registered to an associate of Anton Dedopovic and also contained unregistered firearms and ammunition. The remains of several newspapers were found in the rear seat. A grenade detonation at the front of the vehicle appears to have been the cause of the injuries which left Stankic dead from his wounds.

Forensics team found sixteen (16) * 9x19mm Parabellum casings near the body of Ivanovic. Two were located some 10m from the body whilst the remainder appear to have been ejected at almost point blank range. It is possible that the individual who fired the weapon causing these injuries possessed a knowledge of Ivanovic and that this may have been a motivated revenge killing.

Three (3) * 7.62x54Rmm casings were located at the same position but no weapon has been located in the vicinity. An empty camouflaged rifle case beneath the body may have contained a rifle - likely an M76, Vladek's known preferred weapon.

In the treeline 20m from the maintenance shed we located  the pin from a fragmentation grenade and twenty-one (21) * 7.62x39mm casings. The calibre and extraction marks indicate a Kalashnikov derivative.

Ivanovic's injuries : sixteen close-range GSWs to the cranium. Two rounds entered through the rear and exited to the front from a range of around 10m. The remaining GSWs took place at <1m range and left little to identify of the target requiring the use of dental records as his head had been virtually destroyed.

Davidovic's injuries : single entrance/exit GSW to the cranium. Round fragmented on impact but suspected to be 7.62x54mm from wound pattern. A Zastava M70AB2 7.62x39mm assault rifle was found next to the body. The weapon was unfired.

Stankic's injuries : Stankic took several fragmentation shrapnel wounds from both the grenade detonation and spalling from the BMW near the explosion. He appears to have bled out from his injuries. A Zastava M70AB2 7.62x39mm assault rifle was found next to the body. The weapon was unfired.

Dedopovic's injuries : Severe fragmentation wounds from an explosive device concealed within what appears to be a laptop computer. We are trying to identify the make and model from the parts and hope to have an update on this at some point in the future. Secondary injuries were caused by a petrol detonation which caused burns. The overpressure of the detonation in a small volume appears to have launched the door of the maintenance shed off it's hinges impacting on his left side and causing additional injuries.

Forensics continue to be gathered and questioning of Dedopovic will begin when he stabilises. Blood trails led from the North part of the graveyard and head further up the hill where an additional vehicle appears to have been driven away. Indications are that a further two accomplices are alive but escaped the carnage. None of the other party appear to have been wounded and we are seeking out known rivals of the Nasa Stvar for questioning...