Sunday, 22 September 2013

Support #1

Hi all,

this will be the first Support post to the weblog. Here I will be posting cool ideas, suggestions, hints, tips, tricks and other things that may be of interest to players and readers. I've been collecting this little lot for some time so there's plenty to go around - here's the first selection below

Tools of the Trade
Titanium Ring with in-built saw and handcuff shim

NFC Enabled Ring for portable, secure password access

Quadcopter piloted by a smartphone

Disposable spy computers

Brazilian Doctors spoof biometric fingerprint scanners

Remote hacking Philips Hue wireless lighting system to create a blackout

Undercover bracelet with inbuilt handcuff key

Spoofing GPS Receiver with $3000 of parts, a laptop and antennae

"Traps" - Alfred Anaya's Hidden Car Compartments

Hacking the iPhone in 60 seconds via malicious charger

Insectothopter - CIA Drone from the 1970s

Portable hacked mobile antennae allows cell phone monitoring

DARPA hackers remote control car through data port
This requires physical access to the vehicle data port but the EMU/ECU can also be accessed by remote Bluetooth hacking of a paired mobile device and even by the playing of an MP3 file stored on a CD. The hackers demonstrated setting off the seatbelt tensioners by changing the speed the vehicle believes it to be moving at from 100mph to 1mph instantly, activating brakes, changing gears etc.

Criminal Activities
Criminals used SFX masks to conceal identities

$50 million diamond heist at Brussels airport

I hope you enjoy reading these and maybe get some ideas and inspiration for yourselves. There will be plenty more to read in the future.