Thursday, 26 September 2013

Support #2

Hi all, welcome to the second Support post where I will provide some more useful and hopefully interesting ideas for you to use as players for inspiration.

Tools Of The Trade

Undercover IMSI Capturing Vest
Allows agents to be able to capture mobile phone information better enabling tracking/blocking and monitoring of individual cell phones.

"WiSee" Wireless Movement and Gesture Detection
Allows agents to remotely surveil properties that have wireless connectivity.

Bees, makers of honey, finders of trace explosives...
DARPA have also tested butterflies for this role.

Examples of criminally made and modified firearms seized in Ukraine

Remington 2020 Digital Telescopic Sight

Recon Outfitting

Sleeper Agent Outfitting

Remote Car Theft Unlocking Tool

Identity Theft

Russian FGO (Federal Guard Service) reverts to typewriters after NSA revelations.

Remotely rigged machineguns concealed in car used in assassination attempt on Czech fugitive

Silent Circle PGP Encrypted Email Tool

Russian PSS Silent Pistol
More info here.

Modified Motorola C123 citywide GSM cellphone jammer

Portable Laser Explosive Detector

Looking for a quick change disguise? Look no further...

Investigative Methodology

Fire investigation techniques

Number of cracks in glass can reveal bullet speed

Hawala Money Laundering


Now I'm not saying this is a modern version of Dracula arriving in Whitby but...

Italian police seize £390 million in 'Ndrangheta assets

Italian Border Patrol find £6 million in gold bars hidden in car

Belgian Police raid 1.3 billion Euro Drug Factory

Air France $270 million Cocaine Bust

German man arrested smuggling 0.5tons of gold and silver from Athens, Greece

Lone gunman steals £35 million in jewellery from Cannes hotel

German Police foil Neo-Nazi model aeroplane bomb plot

German police return ancient artefacts to Kosovo

Hell's Angels busted smuggling 1000lbs of Cocaine into Spain

8 Recently Unearthed Vampire Burial Grounds

Polish Vampire Cemetery

DDoS Wire Switch hack costs banks millions





Pierre-Henri Bunel
French NATO officer who shared sensitive documents and classified air strike information with Serbian forces.

Hidden Lynx - Worldwide Elite Hackers

Federal Government identifies Russian and Ukrainian Hackers behind top cyber thefts

Nasar Kelmendi, Albanian drug lord arrested in Kosovo

Mafia boss Aslan "Uncle Hassan" Usoyan killed by Sniper in Moscow

Georgian organised crime boss Merab “Django” Dzhangveladze arrested in Budapest

How Badass Are You?

Are you this badass?

How about this badass?
Laser guided hatchets are not actually cool in real life but hey...

Or are you a Bad Motherfucker?

Enjoy reading and watching these. More to come!