Monday, 23 September 2013


Hi everyone,

here is a wee questionnaire to help me get stuff up and running. Once I've got some info from everyone we can meet up on Google Hangout, get to know each others faces and start the joyous process of character creation (everyone's favourite part).

If your preference for privacy is such that you are unhappy providing me with any of the information below please leave it blank, I'll just get the NSA & GCHQ to provide it for me at a later date ;)

I have filled in my details below to give you an idea of what I'm after and also to save me faffing about providing it piecemeal at a later date. You are welcome to contact me via email, the comments page or G+.

*Personal Information*
Name (IRL) - Paul Arscott
Availability - Mon-Fri (19:30 to 23:00). Sat (Variable but usually 19:00 to 23:00). Sun (Variable but usually 19:00-23:00). All times are GMT (+0).

*Game Preferences*
This you can fill in however you want to. Give me an idea of what it is you like and what sort of style of play you prefer. I have given a brief outline of my preferences below but by no means will this be the way it is run. I fully intend to tailor the game to the group's wishes and these are just some ideas to get you thinking about what you'd like to see.

Media influences - The Sandbaggers (TV Series), The Wire (TV Series), Miami Vice (Movie), The International (Movie), Ronin (Movie). I have *plenty* of books both fact and fiction to draw from.

Investigation:Action Ratio - I figure the occasional shoot out or car chase is definitely good fun but the focus of the game will ideally be around 3:1 or 4:1

Realistic/Cinematic - Where it fits genre conventions or is just plain cool I may swing towards cinematic but I do have a tendency to err towards realism. Don't try to do that thing that Jason Bourne does at the end of the first movie and everything will be fine but if you want your character to fight like Bourne does then have at it.

I like my technical stuff too so if you do feel like getting away with something, a descriptive awesome monologue works wonders -

The Magpul angled foregrip on my HK 416 makes aiming as easy as pointing. And when I aim at the bad guys, the ACOG / red dot TA01NSN sight makes it easy to find them. And when I find them, all it takes is a squeeze of the custom Geissele trigger to cut them down to size.
That tight little junction up ahead is a hazard, but like my driving instructor at the Farm used to say, a hazard can be attacked as well as avoided. I throw the Lexus down into second and push it into the red, engine throttling up into a roar as I gun for the gap, muscling oncoming cars out of the way.

Special Requests - Do you want to be that evil bastard that stabs the team in the back? Do you have work/life requirements that may mean having to drop in or out occasionally? Would you like to do the occasional 1-on-1 session outside of the team environment (this could be as an additional PC/NPC, opposition/antagonist or even a flashback to your time before you discovered the conspiracy for character development and setting up future story elements)? Whatever you want, if you think it's a bit cheeky then put it here. I'll do my best to make time and scheduling arrangements to make the game fun for you.

*A Little Bit About YOU*
This may be a bit weird but it's always nice to know a little bit about you as a person. Where you've been, subject matters that you have expertise/interest in etc. This is mostly to ensure I don't cause a break in your "buy-in" by telling you that an Audi RS6 Avant has a four cylinder engine or that it's raining heavily in Prague mid-June. Do you know boats? Let me know and I'll brush up on my sailing jargon before I say something dumb that takes you out of the game. If you are not comfortable sharing this sort of thing don't worry! I shan't be offended but please do let me know if I screw up establishing my Mise en scène.

*One paragraph summary of your ideal character*
Examples below Male, 41 years old, British Ex-Royal Marine Captain, No.42 Commando/SBS "M" Squadron. 4 combat tours split between Iraq and Afghanistan. Attached to SIS "Increment" (2009). Private employment CRG Security Services Maritime Division (2011). Combat Intelligence/Reconnaissance specialist. Attended Defence School of Transport Advanced Defensive/Offensive Driving courses.

Male, 27 years old, French/Armenian Ex-Street criminal, burglar and ex-heroin addict. Discovered God in rehab. Fitness fanatic, traceur, ascetic, guilty. Familiar with local gangs in Marseilles. Family disowned him. Seeks forgiveness through acts of generosity and outreach programs with disadvantaged kids.

Female, 45 years old, Russian Ex-FSB "Swallow". Retired and opened her own brothel catering to high members of the Russian oligarchy, foreign businessmen and statesmen. She uses her girls to extract pillow talk from her clientèle; expanding her influence and allowing her to maintain good relations with the higher echelons of Russian power structure.

Female, 32 years old, German/Turkish Ex-BND "Watcher". Counter-intelligence expert. Trained in CQB alongside GSG9. Kidnapped by Neo-Nazi gang during operation but effected own escape. 2 gang members were severely injured during the escape. One later died of his injuries. She wishes she had had enough time to end both of them...

You get the idea I hope - go as detailed as you like. So that should be about it. Hopefully this isn't too much of an imposition.

Cheers again,