Sunday, 22 September 2013


Hi all,

welcome to the weblog for my Night's Black Agents Role-playing Game! Night's Black Agents is a Vampire-Espionage thriller game from Kenneth Hite and uses the GUMSHOE engine from Pelgrane Press. The primary focus is investigation mixed with high-octane action and the PCs are up against a conspiracy run by vampires. Their task is to bring this conspiracy down, whilst doing their best to maintain sanity and avoid capture at the hands of law enforcement. Think a mixture of Ronin, The International and The Bourne Trilogy but with Vampires as the bad guys.

This weblog will consist of two main sections: Support and After Action Reports. The Support section will consist of real-world links of interest to players and readers, suggestions, hints, tips and tricks and other stuff useful to the agents. After Action Reports will be the section where I summarise each session's events. This will, with player permission, also feature "agent's eye views" of the action, witness statements, police report and other documentation to show the effect on the conspiracy.

If you are reading this and think "I'd like a piece of that action" you are absolutely welcome to contact me. This does not require you to join in as a PC and you are welcome to suggest NPCs, events, scenes and what have you that I can throw at the agents, with the caveat that the powers behind the conspiracy will not be revealed outside of the game.

Enter freely and of your own will,